The southern shack trail

Nr on map: 22-27

22Skräddarkvarn and Vik’s mill with construction dating back to the Middle Ages. Located a few km south of Gesunda next to the road to Siljansnäs. Good place for picnic.
The stream was important as a source of energy for the Sollerö island farmers. Along the river there were dozens of mills, sawmills and threshing mills since the 18th century.

23Åsen‘s cottages have miles wide views of Siljan. A peaceful oasis where Åsengården offers camping, cabins and pitches for caravans/mobile homes. Newly built pool and restaurant available.

24Mångberg – shack with its own lake, stream and pond!
An idyll for swimming and picnicking. Old buildings – threshing mill and saw – which used to be powered by water power. The Siljansleden passes on the bridge over the dam.pond.

25Södra Flenarna – shack of national interest!
If you want to see and experience an old shack, you’ve come to the right place. S Flenarna is like a “museum” and is protected by the County Administrative Board for posterity.
Here the houses are grey, not red. Fäboden (the shack) today consists of 4 farms with a total of 17 buildings. Until 1980, cows and sheep grazed on the shack. Turn left towards Flenarna before the bridge in Mångberg.

26The mine of Flenarna
In the middle of the 18th century, copper mining probably began at the top of Flenberget.
Storgruvan is located on the steep southern slope of the mountain with a majestic view of forest, mountains and water.

27Go past Mångberg towards Garberg. Turn left towards Lövberg. Where the road ends the path begins. An exciting and strenuous hike of about 3 km uphill awaits. Hiking shoes are recommended.