Hiking, biking and exercise

Nr on map: 30-44

30Coastal path around Sollerön 19 km. Popular hiking trail along Siljan and on some smaller roads. Hiking shoes are recommended as the terrain varies. You can start the hike in several places as many roads lead to the beach path. It is good to hike in stages. Slog cabins and barbecue areas can be found along the path, which offers a nice view of Siljan.

31Electric light loop Sollerön 2.5 km. The loop starts and ends at the Sports Park. Hilly terrain down towards Siljan.

32The disc golf loop. At the Sports Park there is an 18-hole course for Frisbee.

33The golf course. Next to Sollerö Camping Caravan Club is a 9-hole golf course.

34Levsnäs – Lerön – Archipelago trail
A beautiful walking tour along the water between Sollerö Camping and the marina on Lerön.
Enjoy the proximity to the water and the view towards Gesundaberget. The sunset is absolutely fantastic. If you’re lucky, you can see the crews in a church boats training on Siljan’s waves.

35Cycling trails – around Sollerön. Sollerön is also called ”The biking island.” The exercise race ”Siljan Runt” attracts thousands of bikers every year on the first Saturday in June. Both the Sverigeleden and the Siljansleden by bike pass through Sollerön. Since most village roads are paved, they are suitable for biking.Discover Sollerön’s nature and all the villages from the bike saddle. Bicycle pump are available at COOP Supermarket.

36”Gym trail”. Build up and train your muscles before the hike and bike ride at Hälls Gym & Health. Available in Företagshuset opposite of the church. www.hallsgym.se

Trails with horses. The interest in horses is great in the village. If you want to discover nature from a horseback, contact Snickars Brukshästar. See www.snickarsbrukshastar.se

37Siljansleden. Just over a mile of the Siljansleden runs through the Sollerö forest. From Svarttjärn to Siljansfors.
You pass several shacks along the trail that offer a varied nature. Slog cabins with barbecue areas are available and an overnight cabin is available in Malibambo. Hiking shoes are recommended.

The Rhombus trail. This is the oldest pilgrimage route in the Nordics´running from Lake Mälaren to Trondheim in Norway. The hiking trail is 800 km long in total and a section runs in the Sollerö forest. See www,svenskakyrkan,se/romboleden.

38Mountain climbing. Gesundaberget is a challenge. A steep hike with approx. 300 meters of ascent up to the top at 514 m above sea level. The view is magnificent over the Siljan landscape. It is said that you can see seven churches from the top. The view is mentioned in Guide Michelin.

39Electric light loop in Gesunda 2.5 km. Exercise track that winds in the forest below Gesundaberget. Outdoor gym available at the start.

40Moutain trail Gesunda. Biking trail that gives you a little feeling of the Giro d’Italia. Start at Gesunda Bystuga and bike the narrow road up to the parking lot of Gesundaberget. Then roll downhill past Tomteland. How many laps can you complete?

41Biking trail Gesunda – Mångberg – Björka. Varying loop with path, log, stone, gravel road and asphalt. Hilly and curvy. Start at Gesunda Bystuga. Then cycle bike south through the forest to Mångberg and then the Siljansleden to Kansberg. Down through Björka to the marina at Siljan. Then along the beach to the north. Continue on the country road to Mångbro and then Långtoravägen to Gesunda.

42Biking path Gesunda – Ryssa – Vika. Starts at Nörderängsvägen just before the bridge to Sollerön. This is an easy ride.

43Bike around the Archipelago. Continue from Vika to Isunda and back to Sollerön and Gesunda. Alternately asphalt and gravel road. Easy biking.

44The long forest trail. Take a map with you because now it’s off to Solleröskogen. Start in Gesunda. Follow the road towards Tomteland. Turn right at the shooting range mor towards Rossberg and Malibambo. Turn right in Lindor towards Gruvorna, which is close to E 45. Take a cooling dip swim in Lake Jugan before you reach Siljansfors Forest Museum, which offers nature, culture, restaurant and accommodation. Then cycle bike the Siljansleden back to the Norra Hållen shack and then turn north towards Ryssa. Then get on the cycle path along the beach back to Gesunda.