The northern shack trail

Nr on map: 17-21

Discover the wilderness of the Sollerö forest with lakes, mountains, rich fauna and flora. The Norra Fäbodslingan leads you to old shacks and mythical places with an exciting history. Pack your backpack, bring your binoculars and get inspiration from nature.

17Drive towards Gesundaberget. Turn right at the shooting range and continue for about 10 km until Malibambo.
In the 14th century, a pandemic – the Black Death – came to Dalarna and Sollerön. The people fled west. A young woman – Malin – was one of many who tried to escape the plague. At a shack – Rossberg – she found a cross on the ground and then decided to stay and care for the sick who needed help. Malin was infected and died. According to the legend, Malin is buried next to a stone in Malibambo that means “Malin’s Church.” Peace rests over the place, which today is used for religious services, fairs masses and meditation. A gravel path leads in from the parking lot.

19Continue to Selen’s shacks.
Selen is the oldest log cabin dating back to the 16th century. The cabin was alive until 1914. Park by the large pine trees and then walk along Selsjön on a small ridge to a log cabin with a barbecue area. Enjoy beautiful nature.

18On the right-hand side, about 100 m before the shack, there is an old gravel roof. Follow the path from the gravel roof up into the pine forest and you will see the Botestenen.
The stone has probably been used since the Middle Ages. According to legend, it cures anger, worry, misfortune and illness.

20Take the road up to Solleröskogen’s highest peak – Seliträdberget 597 m above sea level. A short walk takes you to the old fire tower where you can see mountains, the large forests and Siljan. Be careful because the fire tower is not in the best condition.

21Continue past Selen. Turn left after about 4 km. After just under 2 km on a small and bumpy forest road, a sign shows the path to Digerhäll. The gigantic boulder – 10 m high and 30 m in circumference appears after a walk of about 300 m. Since ancient times the place has been surrounded by myths, giants, trolls and buried treasures.