Norrviken is a totally different place in Sollerö parish.

Siljan's largest reed bay offers you a nature experience that simmers full of life while giving you peace and quiet.

The bay used to have more open water surfaces, but today large parts are covered by a reed belt. Together with the surrounding old pastures and mixed forests, Norrviken is a nutritious biotope for both birds and insects and a rejuvenation site for fish.

When the ice releases its grip on the spring edge, Norrviken comes to life. Many species of birds of prey, seabirds, waders and songbirds congregate in the area.

The character bird is perhaps above all the brown marsh hawk with 2-3 nesting pairs. The osprey fishes in the water around the northern part of the bay. When the dragonflies hatch after midsummer, the kestrel often hunts across the bay.

On the water surface, the tuber and song swan mingle with ducks such as mallard, mallard, tail tooth, spoonbill, pineapple and teal. Nesting cranes stroll along the shoreline.

The number of greylag geese is increasing. From time to time the gray heron visits the area.

In early summer, you can hear reed warblers and reed warblers. The slightly pig-like sound of the water rattle is heard in the reeds. Sometimes the deep bass voice of the pipe dream has also rolled over the area.

There is plenty of food for house swallows, barn swallows and tower sailors who navigate the reeds with lightning speed and in the meadows to the east the great bustard whistles. At the edge of the bay, orchids grow like meadowsweet. A little further into the mixed forest, night violet grows.

In the deciduous forest, blackbirds, songbirds, green warblers, robins, more rarely smaller flycatchers sing, the woodpecker drums and blackbird and thrush give a nice sound experience. And so the cuckoo of course.

Many species stop in Norrviken on their way north or in the autumn to more southern latitudes. A rare guest is the bearded tit. In the protected area, the bluebird rests on its way south. At low tide during the spring, some waders stop, such as green-legged, wood-snapper, glutta-snapper and marsh-snapper. Sometimes a blackbird. The common snipe is also a character bird for the bay. There is much more to discover.

Welcome to the area!

Norrviken is a gem that we will cherish into the future. There are three bird towers. Strandstigen Sollerön Runt (approx. 18 km) passes.