Peat extraction

which today is a golf course

At the turn of the century 1800 - 1900, an extensive peat extraction was developed on Sollerön. The most important place for peat extraction was
here on the western side of the island in the common Byrtjärnsmyren. It was in the winter that peat ("umbor") was picked up. It was driven to the homestead and then spread out on the ground for drying. The peat was used for litter and soil improvement.

Between Christmas and New Year, almost all households went here to the bog to pick up peat. They used both a shovel, a skewer and an ax to get the frozen peat up. It also happened that they blew up with Kalsonite, which was low explosive compared to dynamite.

Horse-drawn carriages brought the peat to the drying houses, which were located either by the bog or on the homestead. It is said that sometimes
there could be about 70 horse-drawn carriages on the bog.

The peat dried during the summer and was then torn down with a special threshing machine at home on the farm. A motorized large wheel
with thorns tore apart the peat which was then blown into a space (the “mouse bowl”) by the barn for use in
bedding for cows and horses. Peat uptake ceased when the profitability of small farms had declined.