At Måstäpp in Gesunda, Sweden's first fiddler's meeting took place on September 1, 1906. When you stand here and close your eyes and listen, you may hear the notes from the pasture hills' pastures beyond Gesundaberget. Or the songs from the violinists in addition to Siljan?

The reason for the meeting was that the returning Anders Zorn was interested in the culture in Dalarna and wanted to stimulate the old musical traditions. Fiddlers and horn blowers heeded the invitation and flocked here. The prize money of SEK 50, SEK 30 and SEK 20 attracted. All participants were promised SEK 5. The violinists were merely mashing while the hills dominated the horn class. Sollerön was represented by three violinists and six horn horns. A box was rolled here and used as a stage. The winner in the violin class was Timas Hans Hansson from Ore while Nörstmo Halvar Halvarsson d.ä. from Malung won the horn blower class.

Zorn was foresighted and wanted to bring about a renaissance for the folk music scene in Dalarna. With the results in hand, we can state that he succeeded.

Today, the cultural heritage from Zorn is managed when folk music sounds at voices all over Sweden. But, remember that it was here in Gesunda that it all began.