Lundgården in Gesunda

Mats Wik, Utanmyra, told some time ago at the Hembygdsföreningen's event in Lundgården, about the old summer pasture system. Gesunda soon became the first mainland shack to the farms on Sollerön. When the bait was not enough, the animals were transported by large boats from the island to the mainland. In 1840, there were 75 farms in Gesunda. Gradually, Gesunda gained a permanent population and was registered as its own village in 1919. Many summer pastures remained until the Second World War, but the only one that remains today, largely untouched, is Lundgården. The farm has its origins in the 18th century with a newer dwelling house from 1830.


Then timber buildings were moved to the farm. The roofs used to consist of shavings and boards but were replaced in the 1960s with sheet metal to protect the timber from moisture and rot. Between Siljan and Lundgården was a "shit street", the road that the animals walked from the boat transport up to the summer pasture.

Lundgården is owned and managed by Hembygdsföreningen.

More about the interesting story of Lundgården can be found in Sool-Öen 2001.
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