During the middle of the 14th century, the pandemic, the Great Death, came to Dalarna and Sollerön.

The residents of Sollerö fled west. When they returned after seven years, farms and belongings were untouched. Only one
few of those who remained on the island survived.

Young Malin was one of those who went west to escape the plague.

After a short walk to Rossberg's summer cottages, she found a piece of jewelery on the ground that depicted Jesus
the cross.

Malin decided to stay there to care for the sick who were in the shack. She
became infected, died of the plague shortly afterwards and is according to legend buried next to a stone here in Malibambo, which
means Malin's church.

This place is used today for services, masses, meditation and yoga.

In the early 2000s, a play about Malin was played here.

Ring the bell. Feel the peace when the bell rings between the tree trunks.