Flenarnas fäbod

Flenarnas fäbod is one of the farms or pastures known locally as “fäbodar”. A fäbod was used intermittently to keep livestock and were inhabited only during summer.

In 1982 the farm was declared a listed building, including an area of land around the site. The idea was that the management of the forest and land within the protected area would be in accordance with the intentions of the declaration.

The County Administrative Board of Dalarna is the supervisory authority and is responsible for ensuring that the provisions of the declaration of listed status are complied with. The association Södra Flenarnas fäbodlag has the stated aim of maintaining a continuous and beneficial dialogue with the relevant officials at the County Administrative Board.

The aim of the declaration of listed status was to “freeze the image of what the fäbod looked like when it ceased to be run”. This means that nothing may be changed externally. Inside, any adaptations are to be made with as little intervention as possible. It is important not to interfere with the original function of the houses.

As one person put it, "You should be able to recognise it if you come back in a few hundred years".

Södra Flenarnas fäbod