There is a lot to explore on Solleröskogen. You may have been to Flengruvan, Gåstjärn and Malibambo. But have you hiked up to Digerhäll? In the middle of a dense spruce forest at 438 m above sea level, a giant moving block suddenly appears 8-10 meters high and about 30 meters in circumference. In a box is a guest book where you write that you have been there. Digerhäll is a monument since the ravages of the ice sheet over 10,000 years ago.

Since time immemorial, the great stone has been surrounded by myths and sorcery. It is said that a treasure is buried nearby. Maybe there are trolls and witches in other places than on Tomteland?

Take the road to Selen's summer cottages and continue for about 4 km. Turn left and drive carefully on a winding forest road up the mountain. A weather-beaten sign appears on the right-hand side showing the path (300 m) to Digerhäll. The coordinates are lazy. 60.76721, long. 14.39102.

Remember thermos and sandwich!

Digerhäll Solleröskogen

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