The steamboat pier

A beautiful steamboat pier in the village Bengtsarvet on the northeast side of Sollerön.

In the past, the steamboat pier in Bengtsarvet was Sollerön's travel-centre. Steamboats with passengers would arrive and depart to Mora and across Siljan. Boat transports arrived with supplies for the village. The supplies were then transported by horse-drawn carts struggling up the steep hill to eventually reach the farms in the villages. Salt herring from Gävle was in demand. Perhaps that's why roasted herring is still so popular in the community?

There is activity at the pier, even today. Many leisure boats are moored in the marina, exercise classes/dances are organised, and the village association's volunteers keep the area in good condition. The house at the end of the pier was restored with the help of local sponsors a number of years ago. This is where the swallows live. You will also find an interesting exhibition about the importance of shipping on Siljan. In the exhibition, you can read about the boats Prince August and Engelbrekt.

It’s worth a visit! Bring your thermos and enjoy a cup of coffee to the sound of the Siljan waters.

More about the steamboat pier

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