The location in Siljan has meant that the people of Sollerö have been dependent on boats. Therefore, boat building is a craft that has existed for many generations since the Viking Age. The boats were shallow and could be loaded very heavily.

The similarities between the Sollerö residents' church boats and the Viking ships are many. In addition to similarity in construction technology, both have high stems and slender lines.

Sollerön's well-built boats are famous for their good seaworthiness. Everything from smaller rowing boats to large boats for heavy transport have been built on the island. It was in the spring that boat construction was started with timber from trees that had been felled during the autumn. Above all, straight-grown pine was used, but more recently also spruce.

All church boats on Lake Siljan are built on Sollerön. A church boat holds 20 rowers and helmsman and is about 18 meters long. The boats were used in the past when people attended the Sunday service in the churches by Lake Siljan.

Sollerö IF owns two church boats that are used for training and competition on Siljan.